A nation is a group of people having a common history,  heritage,  and culture.  The word "nation" has its root in the Latin for birth.  The United States has stayed united in the past because newcomers assimilated and adopted our culture of individual work and ability as the road to achievement.  Today,  all too many are dependents.  All too many retain their own languages.  All too many come from nations that lean to socialism.  

"E Pluribus Unum: Diversity and Community in the 21st Century (2007) is a ten-year study by Robert Putnam, Harvard sociologist, which found the in ethnically diverse neighborhoods, residents of all races tend to "hunker down" in from of the TV, trust others less (even of one's own race), have fewer friends.  Community cooperation and social solidarity is rarer.  (Could this be why volunteered firemen are lacking in new volunteers?)

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses..." is NOT government policy.  It was written by Emma Lazarus of NYC who "in the 1880s became a force advocate for Jewish refugees fleeing massacre in Russia. The sonnet, 'The New Colossus', reflected that conviction,"  per the Washington Post 2/1/17.  The Statue of Liberty was a gift of the French in 1884 to honor independence. The poem was affixed to the inside in 1893.  

The Census Bureau cites four races: white,  black,  Asian/P.I. and Alaskan native/American Indian.  Before 1970, there were no "Hispanics" because the government hadn't invented them yet.  Circa 1970, the government added an artificial ethnic group called Hispanic and/or Latino whose members are not a race,  but can identify with any of the 4races (mostly white).   Members claim a relation to any of the 20-or-so Spanish speaking countries. . . the Bureau does not check anyone's claim.  La Raza helped to create this artificial group with millions of dollars from the liberal Ford Foundation.  Now, there seems to be a "brown race" and a novelty called "People of Color".   The reason for these "racial" claims seems to be "social justice" (communism).  What is their fair share of someone else's work ?  The Pew Hispanic Center (5/12) found only 24% identify as "Hispanic" while 51% identify by country of origin (e.g. Mexican-American),  21% self-identify as Americans.

MORAL COMMON SENSE FROM A 13TH CENTURY DOCTOR OF THE CHURCH    Saint Thomas Aquinas, one of the greatest Catholic Church philosophers, believed that immigration must serve the common good,  that it cannot destroy or overwhelm a nation.  He sets as a first condition that the immigrant should want to integrate fully. . . which some nations deemed took two or three generations (Aristotle).   "...if foreigners were allowed to meddle with the affairs of a nation as soon as they settled down in its midst, many dangers might occur, since the foreigner not yet having the common good firmly at heart might attempt something to the hurt of the people."  (ReturntoOrder.org, "What does Saint Thomas Say About Immigration?")

 AFFIRMATIVE ACTION FOR AN ARTIFICIAL ETHNIC GROUP THAT IS A "PROTECTED CLASS"       In 1976, Congress passed Public Law 94-311 that mandates data be gathered on a specific "ethnic" group so that Americans of Spanish descent don't suffer from racial, social, economic and political discrimination and to "implement an affirmative action program .. for the employment of personnel of Spanish origin or descent."  Thus, did our government mandate discrimination against other Americans for an artificial newly-created ethnic group of voluntary newcomers.   HISPANICS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN THE REST OF US as they grew from 5.8 million in 1960 to 60 million in 2019.  (Some are wealthy immigrants from Spain or Peru.)

2/3 of millennials in the Harvard Institute of Politics poll,  2014,  oppose minority preferences.  They know that in American "all men are created equal" and that means no one has rights superior to anyone else.  This is backed by the equal protection clause in the 14th Amendment and the Due Process clause of the 5th Amendment.When liberals speak of "minorities" and "diversity",  they divide us into rights by group membership rather than our individual right for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ... which has made America strong.  

CALIFORNIA "IS AN IMMIGRATION DISASTER" per long-time Senator Dianne Feinstein   In 1995 testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, she added "I implore you to understand that I think California is an emergency situation" and begged for welfare denial and more border security.  Cecilia Munoz of the National Council of La Raza dissented.  Feinstein later told the Los Angeles Times that growth was California's No. 1 problem. 

      1.  California K-12 went from best in the 1960s to near bottom in the nation today with Mexican "Hispanics" 54% and whites (non-"Hispanic") 24% of students.  Poor and/or English learners are each awarded $300 yearly more money and attention.

       2.  Californian freshmen accepted to the U. of C. in 2019 were 34% Latino,  Asian American 35%, 22% white, 5% African American.  

      3.  California "Hispanic/Latino" population at 39 million outpaced white alone at 38 million.

      4.  California cost of illegals equals $25 billion yearly, which is $2,370 per U.S. citizen household.  www.fairus.org

       Starting around 1970, Mexicans have replaced African Americans in the hotel/hospitality business and whites/blacks in construction.


CALIFORNIANS FOR POPULATION STABILIZATION  is a long-established site for information and action.  They promote Mandatory E-Verify.    www.CAPSweb.org