Globalism versus Nationalism ... who's winning?   

USA adds person every 19 seconds/Save some future!                           

GLOBALISM has powerful friends.  The Wall Street Journal and much of the media favor Open Borders, putting their bottom line before our children's right to a healthy nation.  As Thomas Jefferson noted, "The merchant has no country."   Many businesses, ethnic groups, and politicians join in.  Hundreds of millions want to come to U.S.even as Africa and India fuel population growth from 7-plus now to 11 BILLION by 2100.     NATIONALISM is not a dirty word.  Most Americans believe in saving our unique and powerful history, traditions, customs which have made us the most successful country on earth.  They reject "The New World Order" erasing national boundaries and making all us people equally poor and powerless with a few overlord elites - as in medieval times. Most intellectuals too believe nation states are best for world order.  FACTS SHOW U.S. IS COMMITTING NATIONAL SUICIDE.  Will we be like Rome - strangers in our own land?   

OUR BIGGEST PROBLEM IS POPULATION GROWTH.  150 million in 1950.  328 million in 2019.  Adding a person every 19 seconds!  Immigrants and their offspring are 27% of our population.  Isn't that enough?   400 million by 2050 would be a million for each of the 435 Representatives - overwhelming our democratic republic.  Maybe a billion by 2100?    CAUSE OF GROWTH  Mostly immigration policies. White Americans had zero growth in 2017 continuing their cultural preference for a nuclear family and the resulting quality of life.  Hispanics were half of the 2.3 million population growth in 2017 with Asians 1/4.   Asians, primarily from India and China, will surpass Hispanics in number after 2050.

GROWTH CANCELS QUALITY OF LIFE    The American Dream, each generation doing better than its parents, is wiped out.  Does anyone want more crowded roads and costly housing, more environmental damage and greenhouse gases, more water rationing and wage suppression, more poor and homeless?   Our schools are damaged and colleges overcrowded.  Billions for social services.  81% packed into urban areas.  Each newcomer gets a pro rata share of our limited resources (healthcare, roads, schools) while putting more money in the pockets of the rich. 

                       GET RID OF BAD LAWS    -     AMERICANS HAVE A MORAL OBLIGATION TO SAVE THE NATION FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS but most immigration is out of our hands and in the hands of newcomers and foreigners.        THE IMMIGRATION LAW OF 1965, pushed by Senator Ted Kennedy, made drastic changes where the newest citizens control 2/3 of legal immigration through "Chain Migration",  bringing in endless, mostly 3rd world relatives.  Often called the Kennedys' gift to the Democrat Party.   IT MUST GO.          The DIVERSITY LOTTERY gives road to citizenship to luck-of-the-draw 50,000 yearly from low-immigration countries like Nepal, Egypt, Iran - mostly in Africa.  IT MUST GO.                     BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP is a magnet for rich Asians and poor Latinos whose American-born babies are instant citizens with rights to welfare and, when 21, to sponsor alien parents for citizenship!!!   300,000 yearly!    IT MUST GO.   E-Verify must be mandatory with huge penalties for hiring illegal workers.  VOTE ON IT ALONE NOW. CONGRESS: 202 224 3121 or phone home office.  Letters are even better to politicians and newspapers - especially from children and families asking for an answer.  Use the easy free faxes and find immigration voting report cards for Congress on       In California,                GOAL 200,000 contributing, independent immigrants yearly.                                                                                                                                                                       PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Remind him that 30-40% of illegals are visa overstays.  Government must apply biometric entry-exit system (law since 1996.)    Also, keep your promise of NO AMNESTY and BORDER WALL.        Comments at     Phone:  202 456 1111


                                                                           " MULTICULTURAL  NATION" IS AN OXYMORON                                                                                                    A nation - Latin root "birth" - is a large group having a common history,  traditions,  and language.  The United States history has deep roots through England, the Renaissance, Ancient Rome and Greece which produced Western Civilization and our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Our unique history has been the most successful ever.  We citizens have a right and duty to keep out foreign immigration that does not assimilate.  We are not alone: the majority in 44 out of 47 countries feel they are losing their culture and want immigration restriction.  But cheap labor lobbies and elite globalists buy out many Congress people.  Keep contacting Congress - we voters must have the final say.    DO NOTHING AND SURRENDER.                     In 1950, WHITES WERE 87.5% AND BLACKS 10% or A TOTAL OF 97% OF U.S. POPULATION.  These are the many generations that built this nation and who fought and died to protect it.  It is a democratic republic.  It's motto is "E pluribus unum" or "One from many."          In 2017,  97.5% WAS DOWN TO 74%.  (Whites 60.7% and blacks 13.4%) "Hispanics" 18.1%,  Asian/P.I. 5.8%.  Most of immigrants are third world. Half of immigrant families are on welfare costing taxpayers $400 billion yearly.  They prefer Democrats and socialism.  Anthem Blue Cross offers info in 15 languages including Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Hmong, Punjabi, Thai, and, of course, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese.

DIVERSITY HARMS COMMUNITY LIFE        "The effect of diversity is worse than had been imagined," said Harvard Social Scientist Robert Putnam in an in-depth study. The more diverse, the less trust for anybody, less involvement, less voting - whether in white, black, Asian or Latino communities.  Protests and TV increase. "Hunkering down."             It would be "sad for America to be changed even partially by multiculturalism," declared the founder of modern Singapore ("Crazy Rich Asians").  Lee Kuan Yew is the visionary prime minister who changed per capita Singapore income from $400 in 1959 to $50,000 in 2012.  He noted that multiculturalism can destroy our great, successful political and economic traditions. 

P.S.  Sign on the back of bus seats in California:                      " Fasten Seatbelt        Abrache su centuron de seguridad"                                                       No wonder English is the international language of business!


                        CLIMATE CHANGE A WORRY?    POPULATION STABILIZATION IS THE BEST CONSERVATION      "Scientific American: "...human population growth is a major contributor to global warming."   EARTH DAY FOUNDER: "It's phony to say, 'I'm for the environment, but not for limited immigration.' "   GLOBAL FOOTPRINT NETWORK:  August 1 is the date humans have overdrawn the planet's natural resources budget this year - compared to Dec. 29 in 1970.      High birth rates in Africa and Asia account for almost all growth FROM 7 TO 11 BILLION BY 2100.  7 children the average in Niger. U.S. must be an example of population stabilization, not a relief valve.  Laughable how elites never mention population as the main cause of global warming as they stress straws and recycling.  "SURVEYS SHOW 60 PERCENT OPPOSITION TO ALL IMMIGRATION"  Breitbart 8/1/17


                                                                         A STATE IS A SAD THING TO SURRENDER      ADIOS MEXIFORNIA                                                                                                                                                 California is "an immigration disaster" were California Senator Dianne Feinstein's words to the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1995 as she begged for more money and troops on the border.   She later told the Los Angeles Times that growth was the state's biggest problem.

"A GENERATION PLANS AN EXODUS FROM CALIFORNIA" - Orange County Register 9-8-18 cites high housing costs, taxes, poor schools.                                Water is non-renewable resource and is in short supply.  As the Governor plans to cut individual indoor water use in half, the Democrats make CA a sanctuary state, inviting endless immigrant population growth.  Californians are made to cut back for endless invasions of foreigners.                                              Farmers have long demanded "cheap" Mexican labor who live in near-slave conditions.  No wonder Farm Labor organizer Cesar Chavez sent his workers to the border to keep out illegals!  Consider that labor costs are so small part of produce - amounting to maybe $100 per family yearly  - but K-12 cost of educating each farm child is over $100,000.  Taxpayers pay big educating foreigners.  K-12 schools have gone from best in U.S. in 1970 to near-worst and are now 54% Hispanic/Mexican.


For the years 2015-17,  35% of Senators and House have an A or B grade on votes to protect citizens' interests.   Let's congratulate them and urge them to work for Mandatory E-Verify and an end to Chain Migration/Diversity Lottery.  12% have a C grade.  42% have an F (all Democrats).  How sad that they care more for illegal aliens than our environment, our children's education, and our limited resources .  (Let them know we're watching.  Phone Congress Operator 202 224 3121)


IMMIGRATION TRUE OR FALSE.....1. IT IS THE RIGHT AND RESPONSIBILITY OF CITIZENS TO SET IMMIGRATION IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST. True.  This is the conclusion of the 1995 Committee on Immigration Reform under President Bill Clinton.                                                                                           2. BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP IS GIVEN TO 300,000 BABIES OF ILLEGAL ALIENS YEARLY.   TRUE.  Families then get welfare on behest of child and eventual chain migration of relatives.  It is a lure to poor illegal aliens and to wealthy "birth tourists".  All advanced countries have canceled except Canada and USA.  CANCEL IT NOW.                                                                                                                                                                                         3. "Give me your tired, your poor.." IS NATIONAL POLICY.    FALSE  The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France in 1886 to honor liberty. Poem, by Emma Lazarus, NYC Jewish lady,  to welcome Russian Jewish refugees, added in 1903.                                                                                                                    4. BORDER PROTECTION IS IN THE CONSTITUTION.   TRUE  Article IV,  Section 4 states the United States shall protect each of the states from invasion.  Government's basic duty.  Social programs are not mentioned.                                                                                                                                              5. "Diversity is our strength."  FALSE.     Harvard Prof. Putnam's study shows diversity leads to lack of community and more distrust.  American strength is in "E pluribus unum" - one from many - our national motto.  Newcomers should assimilate.                                                                                                 6. "U.S. IS A NATION OF IMMIGRANTS"  FALSE   We are a nation mostly of citizens.  A nation is a large group of people with a common culture, language, history. (Can we keep it?)  All nations have immigrant roots going back far enough.                                                                                                             7.  COST OF PRODUCE WOULD INCREASE LITTLE IF DECENT WAGES PAID.  TRUE.  $15 an hour to 3.5 million farm workers would cost a family $20 year more for produce.  Cesar Chavez sent men to the border to stop illegals from entering and lowering wages for his farmworkers.                                      8. "HISPANICS" ARE A RACE.  FALSE.  An artificial group of language made up by U.S. bureaucrats about 1970 with origins in 20 countries.  The only ethnic group in the Census.  About half of "Hispanics" self-identify as white. Why should they get affirmative action?                                                        9.  California Senator Dianne Feinstein testified in 1996 that California was "an immigration disaster"!   TRUE  She begged for greater border protection but nothing was done.  SFGate  Today, Census says 45% don't speak English at home.  (22% nationwide.)                                                                        10.   MEXIFORNIA HAS REPLACED CALIFORNIA.  TRUE.   There were 20 million people, 75% white, in 1970.  Population has doubled with "Hispanic"/Mexican from 12% to 39% and whites 38%. K-12 schools are now 54% Mexican and have gone from best in the nation to near worst.  Only 16% of white Californians are accepted to U. of C. Fall  2017, outdone by Mexicans and Asians.  Illegals cost $30 billion yearly: it is the poorest state in U.S.   Recent Head of the Democratic Senate, Kevin de Leon, stated that half of his family were illegals and he declared as candidate for U.S. Senate!!! Money is approved for legal assistance and college scholarships for illegal aliens.  Each of 40 Senators "represents" 1,000,000 people.

    Although the years dim the sacrifice, terror, patriotism of our founding, may we each leave a better nation because we have lived here.