SAVING OUR NATION.   We have been on a ruinous path for many decades,  heading to a third world of division,  disaster, and deterioration.   America the beautiful, one nation indivisible,  "of the people and for the people"  is vanishing. . . because "by the people" has failed.  "We the people" are not taking care.

LOSING OUR NATION FOR "CHEAP LABOR"        47% of Americans now feel like strangers in our own land as over a quarter of the people are made up of immigrants and their offspring.  By 2050, more than one in 3 children will be "Hispanic".   Mexico, in contrast, would deny foreigners entry if they may disrupt the "domestic demographic equilibrium" or are detrimental to economic or national interests.  A nation (Latin natio/birth) is based on common language, history, customs.  Multi-cultural nation is an oxymoron.

                 Although Latinos are the largest immigrant group,  Asians from several countries, but mainly India and China, are the largest entering group now.  "White flight" has occurred around Silicon Valley to escape the Asian-influence in schools and in housing prices.  Every year, more than 100,000 foreign workers are brought in on H-1B visas to stay for up to six years.  These Asians are cheap labor from India mostly who take jobs from American STEM GRADS and older Americans and are invited by our Congress and by corporate tech lobbyists in D.C.    Asian nations, on the other hand, are too proud of their heritage and protective of their people to promote foreign immigration and nation-shattering "multiculturalism".

SHUT OUT OF OUR OWN COUNTRY.    Americans cannot afford to buy homes in 70% of  the nation,  pushed out by immigration-fueled population growth.   83% of people live in cities/suburbs cramming roads, driving up rents, adding to homelessness ... over 1/3 are immigrants in L.A.,  S. F., NYC.  Millennials are hard hit with immigrants taking jobs and housing so that our young cannot afford marriage and children as their parents did.  Their "American Dream",  to do better than their parents,  has been taken by foreigners our government allows in.  We taxpayers are unfairly subsidizing half of immigrant families on some form of welfare costing $300 BILLION yearly while 43 million of our own brothers and sisters are  living in poverty.  

              GREEN or growth - can't have both.  People increase CO2.  Adding a new immigrant every 34 seconds and turning 3rd worlders into high American  consumers overwhelms conservation.  3,000,000 added vehicles yearly.  Common sense: our endless people-growth equals big environmental destruction.   A sign: in North America, the number of birds is down 30% since 1970 as population has boomed.  (Birds or Immipeople? Our choice.)                                                K-12 EDUCATION   Only 37% of 12 graders are reading-proficient.  A tragedy as education is basic to individual and national prosperity.  Average cost of K-12 education per child is over $130,000.  1/4 of students are from immigrant families with over 120 languages as English as a Second Language sops of taxpayer funds that could have gone for enrichment programs.  No wonder we rank below average among other rich nations.    

HOME-MADE INVASION         70 years ago,  ours was a nation of 150 million.  Whites/87.5%.  Blacks/10.5%.  Hispanic (of any race) 2.1%.    Today,  population has more than doubled to 330 million.  Per the 2010 Census,  Non-Hispanic Whites/63.7%,  Blacks/12.6%,  Hispanic (of any race) 16.3%,  Asian&P.I. 4.9%.   This is despite the fact that the Rockefeller Commission on Population in 1970 found "no substantial benefits would result from continued growth" (the economy included) and stabilization would contribute significantly to our ability to solve our problems - adding quality of life, not quantity.  Common sense echoed by the population-at-large who have held a stable population for quality of life for themselves and posterity since 1970.  Our hapless government, with troops in 80 nations,  costing over $100 billion yearly, is helpless when it comes to its basic duty of controlling our borders and, as the Constitution states, "protect the states from invasion." Art. IV.  We are being invaded and conquered without a shot.              Politically correct demand: don't call it "invasion".  

                                                                        LAWS ARE OLD LEMONS THAT LEAVE WE THE PEOPLE OUT OF CONTROL

1965 IMMIGRATION ACT was passed against the will of the people with the false promise America "would not be flooded with a million immigrants annually" and "the ethnic mix would not be upset"-  both of which are shockingly false.   It allows newest citizens to determine 70+ % of LEGAL IMMIGRATION by bringing in "chain migration" of mostly 3rd world relatives.                     IMMIGRATION ACT of 1990 gives 50,000 Diversity Visas yearly to self-selected luck-of-the-draw applicants from countries such as Nepal, Egypt, Congo, Ethiopia and Iran (2015).  The Act also introduced H-1B work visas which bring in 100,000 yearly, mostly Indians and Chinese.  Silicon Valley tech workers are only 27% native born.   The late Senator Ted Kennedy introduced and pushed through both bills.  Some might think there is a national parallel to Chappaquidick!

E-VERIFY was passed in 1996 to electronically confirm legal eligibility for work.  Congress failed to make it mandatory with penalties to end the jobs magnet for illegal aliens - 47% of whom are visa violators who don't return home.  Common sense:  3/4 of voters favor MANDATORY E-VERIFY. MAKE CONGRESS  ACT.

Birthright citizenship is another loser...with the U.S. and Canada the only advanced nations still granting citizenship to babies born here.  Wealthy women from China and poor pregnant foreigners take advantage of this to access welfare and other prizes the nation offers its citizens.  58% want it ended.  

World population is 7.5 billion now and projected to 11 billion by 2100.  Growth is mainly in Africa (6 children per women in Somalia) and Asia.  No, we should not be a relief valve.  Let's fight for our population stabilization as an example to the world and for our right to maintain quality of life for descendents.

                                                CONGRESS, THE ENEMY WITHIN,  BOUGHT BY LOBBYISTS - MUST BE MADE TO WORK "FOR THE PEOPLE"

CONGRESS APPROVAL IS 18% (seems high).  Only 30% polled think it likely to address big issues.  51% agree that we have people in Congress that hate our country.  Rasmussen poll of 10/8/19.  70% of voters are more likely to support a presidential candidate who stands for "strengthening our border" - 63% Blacks, 61% Hispanics.  Harvard/Harris recent poll.    "Our government has been bought and paid for by a bunch of billionaires and giant corporations..." per Senator Elizabeth Warren 1/1/19.  We know that Democrats want ever more immigrants to turn them into socialist voters and Republicans want to provide "cheap labor" for the elites and big corporations.  Powerful lobbies range from the National Chamber of Commerce to ethnic groups like La Raza who want more of their own despite the harm to their adopted country.

                      IMMIGRATION VOTING REPORT CARDS    Since 1970, has served as a watchdog showing the voting history of each Representative and Senator on such issue as chain migration and diversity visas.  The A+ Congressmen deserve our thanks.  Let the "F" Congresspeople know we disapprove strongly and our votes will cancel theirs.   "F" report cards were 58% for the House and 47% for the Senate.  They aren't working for us.  Tell them we are not just an economy.  Immigration MUST serve the national interest and the quality of life of the American people.

DEMOCRATS TOLD THE TRUTH ABOUT IMMIGRATION IN THE 1990s:   SENATOR HARRY REID,  Democratic Leader in 1993,  introduced the IMMIGRATION STABILIZATION ACT to revoke Birthright Citizenship and reduce legal immigration to 300,000 yearly.  "Our borders have overflowed with illegal immigrants, placing tremendous burdens on ... schools and social programs... getting welfare,  food stamps,  medical care"  Let's reintroduce it.   CESAR CHAVEZ brutally fought off illegals who lowered farm wages. SEN. DIANNE FEINSTEIN testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1995 that California was "an immigration disaster" and wanted more border defense.  (She was opposed by La Raza)  And told she the L.A.Times that GROWTH was our biggest problem.  

The late Black Rep Barbara Jordan, D. Texas, as Chair of the U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform,  1995, endorsed by Pres. Clinton,  recommended an end to chain migration,  the diversity lottery,  unskilled labor.  She said, "IT IS THE RIGHT AND RESPONSIBILITY of a democratic society to manage immigration in the NATIONAL INTEREST."        WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT AND a shared responsibility save our children's future and our nation.

CONGRESS:  202 224 3121   Ask for the office of your Representative and then your (2) Senators.  Phone a brief message daily because it is the number of contacts that is important. or will help find their names.  Messages can be left on their web sites.   LETTERS make an big impression and can be short.  Letters to the Editors are wonderful.  Children are citizens and letters from them asking politicians to save their schools,  the environment,  their future should bring an interesting letter in return.  

 REMIND PRESIDENT TRUMP HOW HE WON ELECTION ...  ending chain migration and diversity visas.  Yes to mandatory E-Verify.    NO to anchor babies - some 300,000 year get citizenship.    BIOMETRIC ENTRY/EXIT SYSTEM IS A BASIC NECESSITY to end the 40% of illegals who overstay their visas.    Tell him no to 1,000,000 immigrants yearly.                                                                                                                                         

                  Phone the President at 1 202 456 1414, ask for the Comment Line, and give the Volunteer your message.  Also,

UNDER CONSTRUCTION                             common sense

           AMERICANS WANT STABLE POPULATION IN 'THE NATIONAL INTEREST      Immigration (1.2 million legal and more than a million illegal this year) SHIFTS ABOUT $500 BILLION yearly in WAGES  from working and middle class to new immigrants and corporations and flood our stressed resources.  It's not fair or moral to leave a third world country,  full of fighting tribes, to our children.  Also, through government extortion, taxpayers are forced to give $300 BILLION yearly to the half of immigrant families on welfare.  STOP IMPORTING POVERTY THAT CANCELS OUR ATTEMPTS AT ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION.

 MULTI-CULTURAL NATION IS AN OXYMORON - like Giant Shrimp.  A nation is a large group of people with a common history,  traditions, culture.  We are losing our nation ... built for "ourselves and our posterity".  Diversity is not our strength, as La Raza,  MALDEF,  MecHa, and Asian groups fight for "a fair share for their own" retaining their languages and cultures.  Diversity brings division.  OUR NATION is being destroyed without a shot.   TIME OUT would give newcomers time to assimilate and acquire cultural habits that have made America strong.

The moral issue of illegal immigration: "Thou shalt not steal." "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's goods."    Illegal aliens steal our resources.  Congress,  who gives social services and amnesties to people who flaunt our laws,  is stealing from taxpayers.  Also, accepting their poor allows other nations to avoid responsibility and reform of their corruption.   Our duty is to the poor and homeless who are our American brothers and sisters.  

The Declaration of Independence guarantees the "Pursuit of Happiness" which is being stolen from our young people by too much immigration. Also, governments derive their powers from the "Consent of the Governed" - but if 435 Representatives govern 400 million people in 2050, our voices become a whisper.  Use them now, or lose them.

"Give me your tired, your poor... "was written by Emma Lazarus of NYC who "spent her life writing about anti-Semitism and ethnic prejudice, and in the 1880s became a fierce advocate for Jewish refugees fleeing massacre in Russia.  The sonnet, called 'The New Colossus,' reflected that conviction."  (Wash. Post, 2.1.17)  Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French in 1884 to celebrate our independence - the only inscription on it is "July 4, 1776" in Latin.  Poem was affixed to the inner wall of the Statue 17 years later. 

AMNESTIES - Since the 1986 amnesty which was to end illegal immigration, there have been 7 amnesties. Today there are 22+ million illegal aliens.  NO MORE AMNESTIES. Our sympathies should go to those who must compete for college and jobs with illegals.


                    P.S.  H-1Bs from the Immigration Act of 1990 brings in 65,000 (often over 100,000) foreign workers yearly for 3 to 6 years,  families included.    Critics say H-1Bs - mostly Asians - are wage-lowering subsidy to businesses.   About 3/4 of Silicon Valley tech workers are foreign-born!!!                              HOUSE OF REPREHENSIBLES,  July 2019,  passed H.R. 1044 "FAIRNESS (?) for High-Skilled Immigration Act" by 365-65 to flood our labor market with lower-skilled and low waged mostly Indian and Chinese workers.   Will the Senate and President pass this bill putting hordes of foreign workers over our own?  WHAT ABOUT FAIRNESS FOR MILLENNIALS AND LONG-TIME AMERICAN WORKERS WHO HAVE TO RETRAIN FOREIGN REPLACEMENTS?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

                       EXTRA CREDIT - research The North American Union,  Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission,  globalists.  See how many of our "leaders" are undermining our nation.  Even past presidents betrayed us

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