AMERICA'S FULL   -  Resources full to overflowing.  Population grew from 180 million in 1960 to 330 million now.  1 immigrant every 30 seconds.    We need to End Unchecked Chain Migration and Eliminate the Reckless Visa Lottery to Secure the Nation...    Dept. of Homeland Security 2018

Americans can't afford a home in 70% of our country.    Half of 18 to 29-year-olds live with parents: 30% in 1960.   4 million young join the job search yearly as 30 million are unemployed and Silicon Valley tech are under 30% native-born workers.  H-1Bs are imported from India.  YOUNG AMERICANS OF ALL ETHNIC GROUPS FIND THE AMERICAN DREAM STOLEN BECAUSE OF OVER-IMMIGRATION.  NO CHANCE TO GET JOBS,  BUY HOMES, START FAMILIES.

Nations are only as good as the quality and education of their people.  Yet only 1/3 of 12th graders are proficient in reading!  100 languages hamper schooling.   A DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE PEOPLE WILL FAIL WITH A MAJORITY UNABLE TO READ AND WITH MANY IMMIGRANTS FROM THIRD WORLDS and SOCIALISM.    

Half of Americans live with air pollution, a cause of heart and lung disease.  Water, a static and dwindling resource, is a growing crisis.   March 14 was "Overshoot Day" for all resource consumption.   Poverty (40 million -70% white) and homelessness are growing.   83% of people live in cities and suburbs cramming resources.  30% of SF and LA are immigrants- 40% of NYC.  Almost half of us feel like strangers in our own land.    QUALITY OF LIFE IS ALMOST GONE.

                                                                                                   WHAT HAPPENED?                                                                                                                                        We the people have had a flat birth rate since 1970 to ensure our preference for quality of life.  Almost all growth has been through immigration.  44 million immigrants and their offspring now equal 1/4 of our population. . . driving up Democrat support in swing states. We have been over-generous.  The Immigration Laws of 1965 (chain migration) and 1990 (diversity visas) along with "cheap labor" laws and encouragement of illegal immigration must be ended.  They add about 2 million yearly.      

THE FUTURE IS UP TO US:    1) PREDICTED GROWTH OF 70 MILLION BY 2050 making all of our problems much worse and unstoppable to 3rd world misery  OR 2) growth about 5 million to 2050 without immigration to a maintained quality of life.

"It is the right and responsibility of a democratic society to manage immigration so that it serves the national interest,"  Commission on Immigration Reform, 1995 under President Clinton.    We must demand that our government reduce immigration to 30 million English-speaking, contributing applicants per year or less.            "We mistreat the unborn when we take away the legacy they are entitled to inherit...and abuse the legacy left to us."  Edmund Burke                                               "The United Nations, with the U.S. supporting it, took the position in Cairo in 1994 that every country was responsible for stabilizing it own population."  Earth Day


AMERICANS BELIEVE GOVERNMENT IS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM.  "Our government has been bought and paid for by a bunch of billionaires and giant corporations..." per Senator Elizabeth Warren.  (Democrats were truthful once. Sen. Harry Reid introduced the Immigration Stabilization Act in 1993 to reduce immigration to 300,000 yearly as illegals "getting welfare, food stamps, medical care." Sen. Dianne Feinstein testified before the Judiciary Com. that California was "an immigration disaster" in 1995.  Cesar Chavez' men fought illegals at the border.) 

HOW DID YOUR REPRESENTATIVES VOTE?  Not a secret! Check out the immigration voting report cards on  Republican Senators and Representatives generally have As and Bs.  Democrats are predictably F in voting against such as border controls.   Free letters for us to send to Senators and Representative on hot topics.     OTHER REFORM CITES:  Federation for American Immigration Reform,  Center for Immigration Studies,  Californians for Population Stabilization,  Americans for Legal Immigration

GLOBALISTS:  Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission,  North American Union.  Many of our "leaders" are undermining our nation.  The national Chamber of Commerce is a huge lobby for endless "cheap labor" immigration for businesses. Wikipedia names the 40 foreign lobbying groups.


CONGRESS 1-202-224 3121    PRESIDENT 1 202 455 1414   Letters from young people asking politicians to protect the future are powerful.                                Comments to rotate:    1) End to chain migration of third world relatives.  2)  End to 50,000 diversity visas yearly.  3) Most important that E-Verify is used by all businesses with penalties for hiring illegal workers.  4) Our resources are overloaded.  We must cut immigration to 300,000 yearly (or your choice).  Welcome                                           MULTI-CULTURAL = OXYMORON See Site below for pertinent backup.

THANK  YOU  for saving our beautiful nation for generations

yet to come.  We must not leave them a third world.


P. S.    GOT TIME FOR SOME GOOD READING?            +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

OTHER NATIONS MAINTAIN THEIR INTEGRITY.    In Mexico, foreigners are barred if they upset "the equilibrium of national demographics" and illegal entry means two years in prison.  Asians, now our biggest immigrant group, discourage immigrants.  MULTI-CULTURAL NATION IS AN OXYMORON like Giant Shrimp.  A nation - from the Latin 'natio' birth - is a group with a common history, culture, traditions.  Yet, now about 20% speak foreign languages at home: 45% in California and over 1/3 if New Mexico and Texas.  Americans should demand to preserve the unity of its own Western culture by slowing immigration and allow for assimilation.  

WORLD POPULATION IS DUE TO GO FROM 7 1/2 BILLION TO 11 BILLION BY 2100.  WHAT AN INSULT TO OUR EARTH.  Should we be a relief valve for such as Nigeria, birth rate 5.8%, or India, from 1.4 to 2.5 billion in 2100 at current rates? Or should we set an example of planet-saving stabilization?   EARTH OVERSHOOT DAY, overdrawing the planet's natural resource budget, was August 1 for 2018.  (If we don't act now, will U. S. population be 1 BILLION by 2100?)

A Nation of  Immigrants? No.  A NATION OF AMERICANS.  Seventy years ago in 1950, population was 150,000,000 - under half of today's 330 million.  Whites were 87.5%, Blacks 10%, "Hispanics"of any race 2.1%, Asians 0.2%.   Not "white superiority" - but "white nationmakers".  Too many newcomers want to reap the rewards, but not appreciate the culture of personal achievement that made it possible.

The American people never voted for population growth.   The IMMIGRATION ACT OF 1965 changed everything.  Senator Ted Kennedy (of Chappaquidick fame) assured Americans that "our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually. It will not upset the ethnic mix...will not cause workers to lose their jobs."  WRONG. WRONG. WRONG.  Legal immigration has ballooned to 1,500,000 yearly.   Immigrants-turned-newest citizens are in charge of 70% of legal immigration through CHAIN MIGRATION of endless third-world relatives...mostly poor and non-English-speaking.       IMMIGRATION ACT OF 1990 brought the DIVERSITY LOTTERY - 50,000 luck-of-the-draw potential citizens from such as Egypt, Libya, Nigeria, Somalia - including many terrorists!  Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) introduced this act, signed by President George W. H. Bush,  which also created the employment visas for cheap labor that undermines American workers (H-1Bs, H-2As, H-2Bs).           E-VERIFY must be made MANDATORY WITH STIFF PENALTIES to save jobs for Americans.             No more AMNESTIES.  There have been 7 since 1986, magnets for more illegal aliens.           BIRTHRIGHT BABIES attract poor pregnant women and rich Chinese.  Canada and U.S. are only first world nations with this citizenship giveaway.      BIOMETRIC ENTRY/EXIT SYSTEM is needed to protect our borders because 47% of illegal aliens are visa overstays.

LET'S MODERNIZE OUR IMMIGRATION TO BENEFIT AMERICANS.  WE, THE PEOPLE, ARE IN CHARGE!        The Commission on Immigration Reform, under President Clinton, declared, "It is the RIGHT AND RESPONSIBILITY of a democratic society to manage immigration so that it serves the NATIONAL INTEREST."  We the people are responsible - not the elites, big business, cheap laborites..and foreign lobby groups.   Under former Texas Democrat ex-Representative Barbara Jordan, it recommended an end to chain migration, diversity lottery, birthright citizenship, and all illegal immigration.  

WE BELIEVE OUR TWO BIGGEST PROBLEMS ARE #1 OUR GOVERNMENT AND #2 IMMIGRATION according to polling by Gallup.   The U.S. Constitution Article IV, Sec.  4 ..."shall protect (every State) against  invasion." (Congress is doing everything but this basic duty.)    No wonder Congressional approval is only 21%.  2/3  OF MILLENNIALS said that recent immigration has done more harm than good and 2/3 are against minority preferences, Harvard Institute of Politics 2014.           80% of Americans want an immigration moratorium during the coronavirus threat. . .a good way to begin serious reform.             

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP, "Every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration... will be made to benefit American workers ... and families" Inaugural Address 2017.   "The influx of foreign workers holds down salaries, keeps unemployment high, and makes it earn a middle class wage."  Candidate Trump.                       IT IS NOW OR NEVER TO END OVERWHELMING IMMIGRATION.      INCREASED NUMBER OF IMMIGRANTS WILL JOIN DEMOCRATS FOR OPEN BORDERS, SOCIALISM?

Over 80% want to stop foreign workers during the current crisis...make it permanent.    FOREIGN WORKERS (H-1Bs, H-2Bs, H-2As, J-1, L-1 and alsoH-4,  J-2 and L-2 for spouses) kick out older workers (over 35!) and deny jobs to millennials and the tens of thousands of young graduates yearly.  About 4 million young Americans enter the workforce yearly while our government admits over a million legal immigrants and hundreds of thousands foreign visa workers.   Trump can end OPT that gives away thousands of U.S. jobs to foreign grads at a discount over American STEM grads.  Citizens should demand AN END TO ALL LABOR INVASIONS BECAUSE THEY STEAL OUR JOBS, LOWER WAGES, AND FLOOD HOUSING, SCHOOLS AND ROADS. (Neil Munro at Breitbart is right on)

TELL CONGRESS - go all out for MANDATORY E-VERIFY which is better than walls for ending illegal immigration, thus saving jobs for our poor and raising wages.  It also protects employers who hire legally and would get votes from 81% of Americans who favor it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


IMMIGRATION TALES  Lee Kuan Yew is the visionary who brought Sinagpore from per capita $400 a year in 1959 to $50,000 in 2012.   "What can destroy America is 'multiculturalism' ... a gradual surrendering of the essential culture that has sustained America from its beginning.  That culture  - its creativity and hardiness, its political and economic traditions - is great, and it would be 'sad for America to be changed even partially.'   Will waves from the south assimilate or will America become 'more Latin American'?"  quote  from "A Statesman's Friendly Advice" by Peggy Noonan,   WSJ April 2013          

Over 40 ethnic lobbies such as La Raza constantly push Congress for their own interests - despite the harm to their adopted country and our national good.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           CALIFORNIA WAS THE GOLDEN STATE LEADING THE WAY.   "IN 1980, Orange County near Los Angeles was 80% white and a GOP stronghold. Today, it is mostly Hispanic and Asian, with many displeased by Republicans' hard stance on immigration." APNews 2/26/20.  "A generation (young people) plans an exodus from California," per Orange Country Register 2018.  In the Bay Area, 74% of millennials are considering an exodus.  1/3 of LA and SF are immigrants.  Under 20% of tech jobs in Silicon Valley go to native-born with Asian H-1Bs flooding in and pushing natives out.  Mexifornia has 39% Latinos, 37% whites, 15% Asian Americans, 6% African Americans.   University of California (founded in 1868) admissions for Fall 2019: 34% Latino (first generation is a "hook'), 35% Asian Americans, 22% white.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           SILICON VALLEY INVASION   Tech firms employ under 30% native-born. India lobbies for evermore H-1b jobs as native-born grads and older workers are shunned.


The moral issue of illegal immigration: "Thou shalt not steal." "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's goods."    Illegal aliens steal our resources.  Congress,  who gives social services and amnesties to people who illegally flaunt our laws,  is stealing from taxpayers.  Also, accepting their poor allows other nations to avoid responsibility and reform of their corruption.   Our duty is to the poor and homeless who are our American brothers and sisters.