Dear Congress,   Stop screwing us (dictionary: swindle or cheat).  Immigration is the chief concern of most Americans.  What we the people want overwhelms the desire for cheap labor of big business and globalism of the elites.  You are selling out OUR nation that is not YOURS to give away.   It belongs to "ourselves and our Posterity".  No wonder your approval is at 20% while 77% disapprove!!              Your bosses, The American Citizens

       "It is the right and the RESPONSIBILITY of a democratic society (that's us) to manage immigration so that it serves the NATIONAL INTEREST," declared liberal African-American Congress-person Barbara Jordan, Chair of the Committee on Immigration Reform under President Clinton, 1995.  It recommended an end to chain migration and less immigration.  "Any nation worth its salt must control its borders."  ""Deportation is crucial" of those who should not be here.   As a patriot, not a politician, she often spoke of "e pluribus unum" and loyalty to the Constitution.


1.  WE MUST STOP THE INVASION OF H-1B WORKERS, over 100,000 yearly,  most from India, cheap for the unAmerican businesses that hire them.  71% of Silicon Valley tech workers are foreign-born.  Americans are often made to train their job replacements or no severance pay.  4 million young American graduates yearly , including 500,000 STEM grads,  must compete with foreigners who lower wages.  NO TO H-1B spouses taking jobs.  No to their kids in our schools. After 6 years, H-1Bs can apply for green cards or return home to compete with American companies they worked for.   CONGRESS MUST END ALL FOREIGN WORKERS - H-1Bs and the H-2Bs - all from the disastrous 1990 Immigration Act proposed by Senator Ted Kennedy and signed by President Bush 41.  

2.  NO TO CHAIN MIGRATION which accounts for over 66% of LEGAL immigrants.  These are endless relatives of our newest citizens   Chain migration in the 1965 Immigration Act,  another Sen. Kennedy gem,  was not supposed to change numbers or demographics,  but has brought over half a million mostly poor,  third world people yearly.  President Trump wants to end this disaster.  WE CITIZENS DON'T GET TO CHOOSE WHO COMES HERE. MANY ARE SOCIALIST INCLINED.

3.  NO,  NO,  NO MORE DIVERSITY LOTTERY,  from the 1990 Law, which rewards 50,000 luck-of-the-draw self-selected applicants from low admittance nations to obtain green cards on the road to U.S. citizenship.  Top places in 2016: Nepal,  Egypt,  Iran.   TERRORISTS INCLUDED - HOW STUPID IS THAT?

              Phone 1 202 224 3121 and ask for your Congress-person.    Leave your brief,  polite message, such as,  "Chain migration is a disaster letting in endless 3rd world family members.  Pls let me know what you are doing to end it." helps you find the name of your Representative. for 2 Senators' names.  Their home page will have a form for sending emails.

4.  NO TO BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP - a magnet for rich and poor foreigners whose babies born here are given automatic citizenship and benefits.  When 21, the child can reward the illegal parents with citizenship and start family chain migration.  President Trump vowed to end Birthright Citizenship if he became President.  This is more imperative than ever as it attracts and rewards the southern invaders.  He has not closed the border as hundreds of thousands invade America.  PLEASE KEEP YOUR CAMPAIGN PROMISES.  Also, install the biometric entry/exit system to catch the 40% of illegals who overstay their visas.

No, Mr. President, we do not want one million legal immigrants yearly even if skilled.  We are skilled.  Immigration under 300,000, please.  No amnesties either.

                  Phone the President at 1 202 456 1414, ask for the Comment Line, and give the Volunteer your message.  Also,

E-VERIFY MUST BE MANDATORY.  IF YOU DO NOTHING ELSE,  MAKE OUR GOVERNMENT APPLY THIS.  75% OF AMERICANS WANT IT.    Congress passed E-Verify in 1996 to electronically confirm eligibility for legal employ,  but didn't put any muscle in it.  They must now make it mandatory with stiff penalties to end the jobs magnet for illegal immigrants,  many of whom will return home.  ALSO, some 47% of illegals are visa overstays who then can grab our jobs.  Honest businesses who pay decent wages and benefits are often put out of business because they can't compete with the cheap,  illegal labor of cheaters.  Make a few of these cheaters examples and get our good wages back.  E-VERIFY IS OUR BIGGEST WEAPON AGAINST ILLEGALS.  (Border barriers also, of course.)

                                                                 AMERICANS WANT STABLE POPULATION IN 'THE NATIONAL INTEREST' 

'LEGAL AND ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION POLICY' is second concern after government for all voters and first for GOP . (Per Gallup poll 4/19)   47% of us feel like strangers in our own land.  35% want less then 250,000 immigrants yearly instead of the current 1,200,000 legal and endless illegals.  67% of likely voters think illegal immigration is a serious problem.  SPEAK UP,  AMERICANS.  Make Congress listen to us for a change.

TELL CONGRESS: OUR DUTY IS TO CARE FOR AMERICANS,  NOT FOREIGNERS.   WE ADD OVER 2 MILLION IMMIGRANTS YEARLY as 83% of people cram into cities and urban areas - flooding our roads and other resources.  Homes are not affordable for the average American in 70% of the country.   Water shortages loom.  (In the sense of overburdened resources,  yes,  our country is full.)  Half of immigrant families are on some kind of welfare for which taxpayers pay $300 billion yearly.   We are losing our unity as 21% speak a foreign language at home (mostly Spanish, Chinese). Only 37% of 12th grades are proficient in reading.  Colleges are overwhelmed with mushrooming applications as American kids are shut out.  (No wonder they're stressed.)  An educated citizenry is a basic necessity to our form of government.  40 million live in poverty.  Homelessness is a deepening crisis.  People increase CO2 so   ......   GREEN OR GROWTH?  WE CAN'T HAVE BOTH.  

EARTH DAY FOUNDER said, "The bigger the population gets, the more serious the problems become."  CESAR CHAVEZ sent men to the border to stop wage-lowering illegals.  SENATOR DIANNE FEINSTEIN declared California "an immigration disaster" in 1995.  The United Nations, with the U.S. supporting it, took the position in Cairo in 1994 that every country was responsible for STABILIZING ITS OWN POPULATION.   IMMIGRATION STABILIZATION ACT,  introduced by Senator Harry Reid,  Democrat leader,  in 1993,  aimed to end birthright citizenship and reduce numbers to 300,000 yearly.  Let's re-introduce it.  

                                                                                        THE NUMBERS ARE WHAT COUNT!

OUR POPULATION WAS 150,000,000 IN 1950 (70 YEARS AGO) TO 330,000,000 NOW.  PROJECTION IS TO 400,000,000 by 2050.  ALMOST ALL IS DUE TO IMMIGRATION.                  

AMERICANS average two children for stable growth and quality of life.  Today 28% of our population are immigrants and their American-born children (some 80 million?).  Asians are largest incoming group now.  Immigration (1.2 million legal and more than a million illegal this year) shifts about $500 billion yearly in wages from working and middle class to new immigrants and corporations.     Today,  many of the 3 million h.s. and 4 million college graduates yearly lose out to imported labor our Congress supplies businesses.  MIDDLE CLASS AND MILLENNIALS are losing out.


WORLD POPULATION TO GROW FROM 7 1/2 BILLION TO 11 BILLION BY 2100!  Mostly in Africa and Asia.   Immigration pressure by hundreds of millions will increase if we don't draw the line now.  As Bernie Sanders said, you don't address the problems of international poverty "by making people in this country even poorer."  Or turning us into the same third world.  Should we be a RELIEF VALVE for high growth nations or an EXAMPLE OF POPULATION STABILIZATION to the world?  (Sub-Saharan Africa has a 4.8 fertility rate: Niger 7.2 children per female in 2017)

            "OUR GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BY A BUNCH OF BILLIONAIRES AND GIANT  CORPORATIONS"...said Sen. Elizabeth Warren 1/1/19.  Multinational corporations, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the elites,  the globalists,  La Raza,  Wall Street and open borders Wall Street Journal are powerful money lobbies, but it is we the people who have the votes.  We are sick of illegals working cheap,  flooding our schools and health care,  living 20 to a house.  If we are too lazy and uninformed to use our citizen-power,  our children's future will continue to be sold out to the highest bidders.

                                                                                          HERE'S WHY WE SHOULD FIGHT EVERY DAY.

A nation is a large group of people with a common history,  traditions, culture.  We are losing our nation ... built for "ourselves and our posterity",

We are not "a nation of immigrants."  Most of us are citizens,  but there is too much immigration when 47% of us feel like strangers in our own nation.

Our nation is not just an economy- as greed at the top believes.  Our nation exists for the benefit of "we, the people" and our prosperity comes first.

One of the main duties of government is to "protect each of the states from invasion."  Constitution: Article IV.  They are failing miserably, doing everything but.   The Declaration of Independence guarantees the "Pursuit of Happiness" which is being stolen from our young people by too much immigration.  Also, governments derive their powers from the "Consent of the Governed" - but when 435 Representatives govern 400 million people (2050), our voices fade away.

Truth in advertising, please.  The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French in 1884 to celebrate our independence - the only inscription on it is "July 4, 1776" in Latin.  "Give me your tired, your poor..."  by a New York lady concerned over Russian Jews was written in 1903 and is NOT national policy.

U.S military is stationed in 80 countries costing over $100 billion yearly,  but we can't protect our own borders.  We are being invaded and conquered without a shot.   

AMNESTIES - Since 1986 which was to end illegal immigration, there have been 7 amnesties for millions - and today there are 20+ million illegal aliens with more all the time.  NO TO THE DACA AMNESTY WHICH WILL REWARD AND ENCOURAGE ILLEGAL ALIENS.  

                                                 LET'S SEE HOW OUR SENATORS AND REPS VOTED - THEIR "REPORT CARDS" ON ABOVE ISSUES

Each member's votes on immigration bills and their voting report cards can be seen on  Thank the "As" (33% of Senators) and remind the "Fs" (56%) that CITIZENS COME BEFORE FOREIGNERS.   DEMAND THAT DEMOCRATS ACT NOW TO END CATCH AND RELEASE which floods our borders with illegals.   

 JUNIOR CITIZENS, 10 years and up, can be a STAR PART OF SAVING OUR NATION.  Their letters about saving their future and our environment strongly impress many politicians.  Tell Congress our nation is not theirs to give away.  Our continued oversight of our representatives is essential.  Don't let them ignore us or they will hand your welfare and our future over to the highest bidder.                                                 

                         PASS THIS ON TO OTHERS.  SIMPLE DAILY CONTACTS TO CONGRESS BY THE THOUSANDS WILL SAVE OUR CHILDREN'S NATION.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


                      "Treat the earth well. We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."  Native American Proverb