WE AMERICANS KNOW THAT WE HAVE A DUTY to bestow on our children a nation that is as healthy - in opportunities, in environment, in resources - as we inherited.  As do our newest citizens who love and are thankful for the nation we share.

In a world booming from 7 1/2 BILLION people to 11 BILLION by 2100, where hundreds of millions will be knocking on America's doors, the time is now to ask ourselves, "How many Americans?"   Should we be an example of a stable population... Or should our children's future be sacrificed as a relief valve for high growth nations like Nigeria and India?

 THE PROBLEMS      "It's phony to say 'I'm for the environment, but not for limiting immigration,' "  Earth Day Founder.  "The bigger the population gets, the more serious the problems become."   The average American cannot afford a home in 70% of the country.   83% of us cram into cities/suburbs.    1/3 are immigrants in L.A.,  S.F.,  NYC.    Nightmare: ever longer commutes and ever higher housing prices.  3 million more vehicles in 2016.    K-12 Education: only 37% of 12th graders are proficient in reading!  An individual and national tragedy.  25% of students are from immigrant families with 100+ different languages.  English as a Second Language sops up funds.  U.S. ratings are below average for rich nations.    Millennials are pushed out of the American Dream - to do better than their parents - as housing and good jobs are hard to get.   Water shortages loom.  Look for rationing  ... even of entry to national parks.   40 million of our American brothers and sisters live in poverty.  Homelessness and drugs rampant.   We now spend $300 billion yearly subsidizing half of immigrant families on some kind of welfare.  Political overpopulation.  Over 400 million for 435 Representatives by 2050 means our voices are reduced to a whisper.  Our government was never meant for so many people of such diversity and will become increasingly dysfunctional.

Americans have had a stable birth rate since 1970 - showing a preference for quality of life.  Yet the 1970 Census showed 200 million; today 330 million!  130 million in 50 years!  A little is due to longer lives.  But 28% of people are now immigrants and their children.   YET WE ARE ON TRACK TO ADD 70 MILLION TO 400 MILLION BY 2050!  Double 1970 - overpowering limited resources.      


                                                                                           THE  REASONS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            IMMIGRATION LAW OF 1965  "Before 1965, the major principle of immigration policy was to take skilled people proportionally from the countries of origin of present American citizens; after 1965, American immigration was deliberately opened to the Third World  - indeed, ...  nearly being reserved for it."  "Senator Edward Kennedy...assured America during the debate, 'First, our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually. Second, the ethnic mix will not be upset' Every single assurance of Kennedy's turned out to be shockingly false." "For it effectively took the responsibility for citizenship away from the American government and gave it squarely to the newest immigrants (turned citizens), and then to their children, and then to their aunts and uncles..." per Georgie Anne Geyer, "Americans No More",  1996.  Today 70% of LEGAL immigration of over one million yearly is through this "chain migration."

IMMIGRATION LAW OF 1990,  also promoted by Senator Ted Kennedy,  is still in effect yearly with 50,000 Diversity Visa Lottery "green cards" for permanent residency to luck-of-the-draw applicants from such as Nepal, Egypt, Congo, Ethiopia and Iran which were foremost winners in 2015.  Terrorists have come in this way.  The 1990 Law also introduced H-1B work visas which bring in 100,000 cheap workers yearly, mostly Indian and Chinese.  Silicon tech workers are only 27% native-born as older workers are laid off and our STEM grads are shut out.      

BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP,  which 58% of us want removed,  remains only in Canada and the U.S.  Other leading nations have ended it.  Wealthy Chinese and women from around the world use this to access benefits which cost taxpayers $2.4 billion yearly.

MANDATORY E-VERIFY.  Congress passed E-Verify in 1996 but shamefully didn't make it mandatory with stiff penalties for those who hire illegal workers.  End this magnet for illegals who take jobs and lower wages. (47% of illegals overstay visas!)

BORDERS   Constitution,  Art. IV  - The government "shall protect each (of the states) against invasion".  Our government fails miserably in one of the basic duties of any government.   POLLS SHOW GOVERNMENT IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST PROBLEMS.

                                                                                             SOLUTION                                                                                                CITIZENS MUST TAKE BACK THEIR GOVERNMENT AND DEMAND MODERN LAWS                                                                            Congress has an approval of 18%.  Only 30% think it is likely to address the real problems (like immigration). 51% agree that we have people in Congress that hate our country!  (Rasmussen 10/9/19).  "Our Congress has been bought and paid for by a bunch billionaires and giant corporations," said Sen. Elizabeth Warren,  January 2019.  Democrats want socialist voters and Republicans want cheap labor for corporate masters.  (Wall Street Journal has long pushed for open borders.)

Congress can't hide.  Each member has an Immigration Voting Report Card showing their stands on such as chain migration and diversity visas.  Let's support those with As who put our children and future first.  Let's warn the Fs that they must work for the good of the people or they will face our opposition.   Our nation is not just an economy or open to all who want to come.

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                                                                                                   70 years ago,  ours was a nation of 150 million people.  Whites 87.5%.  Blacks 10.5%.  Hispanic 2.1%.   Today more than double to 330 million.  Per the 2010 Census:  "Non-Hispanic Whites"  63.7%.  Blacks 12.6%.  Hispanics 16.3%.  Asian/P.I.  4.9%.    NO WONDER 47% OF AMERICANS, WHO HAVE CHOSEN A STABLE BIRTH RATE SINCE 1970 FOR QUALITY OF LIFE, feel like strangers in our own land - because 28% of the population are immigrants and their offspring. 

Mexico would deny foreigners entry if they may disrupt the "domestic demographic equilibrium" or are detrimental to economic or national interests.  In contrast, our government has projected more than one in 3 children will be "Hispanic" by 2050.  Although Latinos are the largest immigrant group,  ASIANS from several countries, but mainly India and China, are the largest entering group now.  "White flight" has occurred around Silicon Valley to escape the Asian-influence in schools and in housing prices.  Every year, more than 100,000 foreign workers are brought in on H-1B visas to stay for up to six years.  They and their families crowd into our limited resources.   

MULTI-CULTURAL NATION is an oxymoron - like "Giant Shrimp."  A nation (Latin from "natio"/birth) is based on common language, history, customs.  While Mexico protects its people from demographic disturbances,  Asian nations are too proud of their heritage and protective of their people to promote foreign immigration and nation-shattering diversity.  (Is this "racist"?)  However, our Congress by way of their globalist masters are happy to sell us out.  (Check their voting records on www.NumbersUSA.com)



   WE DEMAND FAIR AND MODERN IMMIGRATION TO BENEFIT THE PEOPLE,  NOT ELITES/GLOBALISTS                                                                                                  CONGRESS,  THE ENEMY WITHIN,  HAS AN APPROVAL OF 18% (Seems high). Only 30% think it is likely to address the real problems.  51% agree that we have people in Congress that hate our country!  (Rasmussen 10/9/19).   Polling also shows that voters think government is the #1 problem, immigration #2. "Our Congress has been bought and paid for by a bunch of billionaires and giant corporations,"  Sen. Elizabeth Warren,  Jan. 2019.  Democrats want immigrants who are likely to vote for their socialist "freebies".  Republicans allow in the cheap labor beloved by their corporate masters.          QUID PRO QUO Lobbies include giant corporations and ethnic groups like the omnipresent La Raza who want more of their own despite harm to their adopted company.  The Wall Street Journal has long pushed for open borders.    

TO CONGRESS:  End to Chain Migration, diversity visas, H-lB foreign labor, and birthright citizenship.  Make E-VERIFY MANDATORY.

IMMIGRATION VOTING REPORT CARDS for each member of Congress are available on www.NumbersUSA.Com.  See how they voted on such issues as "chain migration" and diversity visas.  "F" report cards prove they are not working for we the people.   Wonderful info.  Letters ready for you to fax to your politicians free.                                                                          

CONGRESS:  1 202 224 3121    Ask for the office and leave a brief message daily.  The number of contacts if what is important.     house.gov or senate.gov will find their names for you.  Message can be left on their WEB SITES and at their home offices.  Short letters make a big impression, especially from children asking to save their schools, the environment, their future.

PRESIDENT:  1 202 456 1414  Ask for comment line. Thank him for his work and remind him that he won the election with ending chain migration, diversity visas, and birthright citizenship (some 300,000 yearly).   Yes to mandatory E-Verify.  NO to his son-in-laws 1,000,000 immigrants yearly.    Also, whitehouse.gov/contact

DEMOCRATS TOLD THE TRUTH ABOUT IMMIGRATION IN THE 1990s:   SENATOR HARRY REID,  Democratic Leader in 1993,  introduced the IMMIGRATION STABILIZATION ACT to revoke Birthright Citizenship and reduce legal immigration to 300,000 yearly.  "Our borders have overflowed with illegal immigrants, placing tremendous burdens on ... schools and social programs... getting welfare,  food stamps,  medical care"  Let's reintroduce it.   CESAR CHAVEZ brutally fought off illegals who lowered farm wages. SEN. DIANNE FEINSTEIN testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1995 that California was "an immigration disaster" and wanted more border defense.  (She was opposed by La Raza)  And she told the L.A.Times that GROWTH was our biggest problem.  

The late Black Rep Barbara Jordan, D. Texas, as Chair of the U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform,  1995, endorsed by Pres. Clinton,  recommended an end to chain migration,  the diversity lottery,  unskilled labor.  She said, "IT IS THE RIGHT AND RESPONSIBILITY of a democratic society to manage immigration in the NATIONAL INTEREST."        WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT AND DUTY...in a shared responsibility ...to save our children's future and our nation.




 Our hapless government with troops in 80 nations costing over $100 billion yearly is not able to control our own borders, one of its basic duties as required in the Constitution, Art. IV "shall protect each (of the states) against invasion."  We are being invaded and conquered without a shot.  Our government has absconded its duty to form a more perfect Union... provide for the common defense  and promote the general welfare."

The moral issue of illegal immigration: "Thou shalt not steal." "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's goods."    Illegal aliens steal our resources.  Congress,  who gives social services and amnesties to people who flaunt our laws,  is stealing from taxpayers.  Also, accepting their poor allows other nations to avoid responsibility and reform of their corruption.   Our duty is to the poor and homeless who are our American brothers and sisters.  

The Declaration of Independence guarantees the "Pursuit of Happiness" which is being stolen from our young people by too much immigration. 

"Give me your tired, your poor... "was written by Emma Lazarus of NYC who "spent her life writing about anti-Semitism and ethnic prejudice, and in the 1880s became a fierce advocate for Jewish refugees fleeing massacre in Russia.  The sonnet, called 'The New Colossus,' reflected that conviction."  (Wash. Post, 2.1.17)  Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French in 1884 to celebrate our independence - the only inscription on it is "July 4, 1776" in Latin.  Poem was affixed to the inner wall of the Statue 17 years later. 

"E Pluribus Unum: Diversity and Community in the Twenty-First Century" (2007) is a ten-year study by Robert D. Putnam,  Harvard sociologist, which found that in ethnically diverse neighborhoods, residents of all races tend to "hunker down" in front of the TV,  trust others less (even of one's own race), have fewer friends. Community cooperation and social solidarity is rarer.  (Is this why, for instance, volunteer firemen are lacking in new volunteers?) 

AMNESTIES - Since the 1986 amnesty which was to end illegal immigration, there have been 7 amnesties. Today there are 22+ million illegal aliens.  NO MORE AMNESTIES. Our sympathies should go to those who must compete for college and jobs with illegals.

                     P.S.  H-1Bs from the Immigration Act of 1990 brings in 65,000 (often over 100,000) foreign workers yearly for 3 to 6 years,  families included.    Critics say H-1Bs - mostly Asians - are wage-lowering subsidy to businesses.   About 3/4 of Silicon Valley tech workers are foreign-born!!!          HOUSE OF REPREHENSIBLES,  July 2019,  passed H.R. 1044 "FAIRNESS (?) for High-Skilled Immigration Act" by 365-65 to flood our labor market with lower-skilled and low waged mostly Indian and Chinese workers.   October 17,  Senator Mike Lee, Utah Republican, failed to push through S. 386 which allows up to 140.000 Indian workers and families to get green cards yearly.    WHAT ABOUT FAIRNESS FOR MILLENNIALS AND LONG-TIME AMERICAN WORKERS WHO HAVE TO RETRAIN FOREIGN REPLACEMENTS?         (India's population growth is 15 million per year, immigration negligible.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

                       EXTRA CREDIT - research The North American Union,  Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission,  globalists.  See how many of our "leaders" are undermining our nation.  Even past presidents betrayed us

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