DEFENDING OUR NATION for us !       Emergency             

ASK CONGRESS, "WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?  Are you going to protect us from invasion as in Article IV, Sect. 4 of the Constitution?  Or are you going to cave in to the demands of 800,000 DACA illegals -  half non-English speaking, some MS 13 gang members -  and to pressure from cheap labor lobbies for another nation-destroying amnesty?"   (Would amnestied children sponsor lawbreaking parents in the future?)   Legalizing "Dreamers" would cost $27 billion net in federal benefits in 10 years per CBO while the President's wall could cost only $21.6 billion per Dept of Homeland Security.  Which helps Americans more?

Mexico has said it would welcome DACAs home with jobs and teaching positions.  DACAs could be a force for positive change in their beautiful homeland. Then Americans would get back their schools, jobs, housing, roads, and even salary raises.

     "Thou shalt not steal" - Example:  Living in a nation not one's own and stealing resources belonging to citizens and their children;  also, employers, churches, politicians, all who aid and abet illegal aliens.   DACA "contributions": stealing a K-12 education costing $120,000 and then college seats, grabbing our jobs, crowding housing, adding to our poor, our jails, stealing social services.  Example: California K-12 schools were best in nation, now worst and 54% Mexican/Hispanic.  The Mexican Takeover grows from 3 million in 1970 to 35 million in 2013.  "Hispanics", 2/3 Mexican, are projected at 31% of Americans in 2060.      Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors goods.      


                     OUR VOICES MUST OVERWHELM THOSE OF THIRD WORLDERS AND GLOBALISTS.   Our nation has the right to put the good of Americans and their posterity first.  We have the responsibility to protect our resources and environment.

 H.R. 4760, SECURING AMERICA'S FUTURE ACT OF 2018  would have: (1) End Chain Migration bringing in endless third world relatives of newest citizens, (2) Mandate E-Verify so only legal Americans get jobs, (3) Increase border and interior security,  (4) End the Visa Lottery - our citizenship given away by the luck of the draw! (5) Give renewable visas and work permits to 690,000 DACAs.  Tell Congress this is the BEST IMMIGRATION FOR AMERICANS AND THEIR CHILDREN'S FUTURE.  Tell House Leadership (RYAN) to wake up and do citizens a favor.  In the meantime, stop asking for money from us.

                    CONGRESS: Free 202 224 3121 or phone home office.  Letters are even better to politicians and newspapers.                  Use the easy free faxes and find immigration voting report cards for Congress on                                                                                                       In California,                                                                     

                    PRESIDENT TRUMP:  30-40% of illegals are visa overstays.  Government must apply biometric entry-exit system (law since 1996.)    Also, keep your promise of NO AMNESTY.        Comments at     Phone:  202 456 1111


U.S. ADDS an immigrant every 29 seconds! Census  Immigrants and their offspring are 1/4 of our population swamping our limited resources - roads, housing, jobs, jails, medical, WATER - and adding to warming.   Over a million legal immigrants enter yearly,  foremost from India, China, Mexico.  K-12 schools are 1/4 immigrants harming learning and making us 17th internationally.  Half of immigrant families are on welfare costing taxpayers $400 billion yearly.  Native-born Americans have a stable birth rate for quality of life.        (P.S. In good old California, white California students were under 16% of acceptances to U.ofC. for Fall 2017!)

AMERICANS FINALLY GET GUTS  We who love America have a right and yes, a duty, to take her back from 3rd world invasion.   We are not alone: the majority in 44 out of 47 countries feel they are losing their culture, want immigration restriction.  But cheap labor lobbies and elite globalists buy out many Congress people.  Keep contacting Congress - we voters have the final say.



                         POPULATION STABILIZATION IS THE BEST CONSERVATION      "Scientific American: "...human population growth is a major contributor to global warming."   Earth Day Founder: "It's phony to say, 'I'm for the environment, but not for limited immigration.' "  Stabilization protects our resources, jobs, education, quality of life and  PROTECTS US FROM BEING A RELIEF VALVE FOR WORLD GROWTH FROM 7 TO 11 BILLION BY 2100    High birth rates in Africa and Asia account for almost all,  with 7 children the average in Niger.  America must be a world example of population stabilization.  "SURVEYS SHOW 60 PERCENT OPPOSITION TO ALL IMMIGRATION"  Breitbart 8/1/17



For the years 2015-17,  35% of Senators and House have an A or B grade on votes to protect citizens' interests.   Let's congratulate them and urge them to work for The RAISE Act and Mandatory E-Verify.  12% have a C grade.  42% have an F (all Democrats).  How disappointing that they aren't protecting our environment, our children's education, our limited resources AND are more concerned about illegals .

Republican House leader Paul Ryan has a C-.  Senate leader Mitch McConnell a D.   (Let them know we're watching.)



1. IT IS THE RIGHT AND RESPONSIBILITY OF CITIZENS TO SET IMMIGRATION IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST. True.  This is the conclusion of the 1995 Committee on Immigration Reform under President Bill Clinton. 

2. BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP IS GIVEN TO 300,000 BABIES OF ILLEGAL ALIENS YEARLY.   TRUE.  Families then get welfare on behest of child and eventual chain migration of members.  It is a lure to poor illegal aliens and to wealthy "birth tourists".  All advanced countries have canceled except Canada and USA.  CANCEL IT NOW. 

3. "Give me your tired, your poor.." IS NATIONAL POLICY.    FALSE  The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France in 1886 to honor liberty. Poem, by Emma Lazarus, NYC Jewish lady,  to welcome Russian Jewish refugees, added in 1903.    

4. BORDER PROTECTION IS IN THE CONSTITUTION.   TRUE  Article IV,  Section 4 states the United States shall protect each of the states from invasion.  Government's basic duty.  Social programs are not mentioned.

5. "Diversity is our strength."  FALSE.     Harvard Prof. Putnam's study shows diversity leads to lack of community and more distrust.  American strength is in "E pluribus unum" - one from many - our national motto.  Newcomers should assimilate.

6. "U.S. IS A NATION OF IMMIGRANTS"  FALSE   We are a nation mostly of citizens.  A nation is a large group of people with a common culture, language, history. (Can we keep it?)  All nations have immigrant roots going back far enough. 

7.  COST OF PRODUCE WOULD INCREASE LITTLE IF DECENT WAGES PAID.  TRUE.  $15 an hour to 3.5 million farm workers would cost a family $20 year more for produce.  Cesar Chavez sent men to the border to stop illegals from entering and lowering wages for his farmworkers.

8. "HISPANICS" ARE A RACE.  FALSE.  An artificial group of language made up by U.S. bureaucrats about 1970 with origins in 20 countries.  The only ethnic group in the Census.  About half of "Hispanics" self-identify as white. Why should they get affirmative action?

9.  California Senator Dianne Feinstein testified in 1996 that California was "an immigration disaster"!   TRUE  She begged for greater border protection but nothing was done.  SFGate  Today, Census says 45% don't speak English at home.  (22% nationwide.)

10.   MEXIFORNIA HAS REPLACED CALIFORNIA.  TRUE.   There were 20 million people, 75% white, in 1970.  Population has doubled with "Hispanic"/Mexican from 12% to 39% and whites 38%. K-12 schools are now 54% Mexican and have gone from best in the nation to near worst.  Only 16% of white Californians are accepted to U. of C. Fall  2017, outdone by Mexicans and Asians.  Illegals cost $30 billion yearly: it is the poorest state in U.S. Head of the Democratic Senate, Kevin de Leon, stated that half of his family were illegals and he declares as candidate for U.S. Senate!!! Money is approved for legal assistance and college scholarships for illegal aliens.  Each of 40 Senators "represents" 1,000,000 people.

    Although the years dim the sacrifice, terror, patriotism of our founding, may we each leave a better nation because we have lived here.