Do you believe that our nation is a special place with its own culture, history, traditions and that we have a duty to pass it on in as good or better shape?

Do you believe in Earth Day and its Founder who said. "The bigger the population gets, the more serious the problems become. The United Nations, with the U.S. supporting it, took the position in Cairo in 1994 that every country was responsible for stabilizing its own population, it can be done."  The Rockefeller Report in 1972 found population stabilization significantly contributed to our ability to solve our problems - think poverty, infrastructure, quality of life for young people.

Do you agree with the Scientific American that population growth is a major contributor to global warming?  Moreover, an immigrant from such as Honduras increases their "carbon emissions per capita" up to 16 times when adopting an advanced country U.S. lifestyle.   GREEN OR GROWTH?  WE CAN'T HAVE BOTH.  

WE PAY THE COST SO RICH CAN HAVE CHEAP LABOR     83% of people cram into cities and urban areas flooding America's roads and other resources.  Homes are not affordable for the average American in 70% of the country.  Our schools are a calamity burdened with non-English speakers as only 37% of 12th graders are proficient in reading. ..and the K-12 COST for each student is over $100,000.  Colleges are overwhelmed with mushrooming applications as Americans kids are shut out.  Water shortages are looming.  And half of immigrant families are on some kind of welfare COSTing taxpayers $400 billion yearly.  

AMERICANS SINCE 1970 HAVE HAD POPULATION STABILIZATION.  We average two children for stable growth and quality of life in an advanced country.  But population ballooned from 170 million then to 330 now.  Today 28% are immigrants and their American-born children.  Growth of 400 million more is projected by the year 2050.  An immigrant enters every 34 seconds.  

OUR CHOICE IS SABOTAGED BY CONGRESS AND THEIR BAD LAWS.  The Immigration Law of 1965, deceptively,  through "chain migration" put 70% of LEGAL immigration in the control of the newest citizens who bring in endless chains of mostly poor,  third world relatives.  The Immigration Act of 1990 created a Diversity Lottery to give visas to 50,000 yearly self-selected luck-of-the draw applicants from Egypt,  Libya etc.  who eventually can use Chain Migration.      

GUESS WHAT?  "It is the right and responsibility of a democratic society (we the citizens) to manage immigration so that it serves the NATIONAL INTEREST" stated our Commission on Immigration Reform in 1995 under President Clinton.  LET'S ACT ON OUR CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY TO SAVE OUR CHILDREN'S FUTURE

IN THIS CORNER, AMERICAN WORKERS   -  VS. POWERFUL AND GREEDY CORPORATIONS AND GLOBALISTS                                                                                  ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS keep wages low for Americans.  Even Cesar Chavez fought illegals at the border.   E-VERIFY MUST BE MANDATED with stiff penalties.       Only 27% of Silicon Valley tech workers are Americans as H-1Bs from India and China work on the cheap.  END H-1Bs WHO LOWER WAGES the miserable Immigration Act of 1990.   Today,  3 million h.s. and 4 million college graduates yearly compete with imported labor our Congress supplies businesses.  

WORLD POPULATION TO GROW FROM 7 1/2 BILLION TO 11 BILLION BY 2100! mostly in Africa and Asia.  As Bernie Sanders said, you don't address the problems of international poverty "by making people in this country even poorer."  Or turning us into the same third world.  Should we be a RELIEF VALVE for high growth nations or an EXAMPLE OF POPULATION STABILIZATION to the world?  Well, duh.

WHAT DO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT?      47% feel like strangers in their own land.  35% want less than 250,000 immigrants yearly instead of 2 million legal and illegal.  A majority want under 500,000.  67% of likely voters think illegal immigration is a serious problem. Many people in Europe agree as well as Israel, Russia, Argentine, Mexico favoring fewer or no immigrants.  This is a global problem.  People have every right to protect their nations.

           "OUR GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BY A BUNCH OF BILLIONAIRES AND GIANT  CORPORATIONS"... Sen. Elizabeth Warren 1/1/19  Multinational corporations, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the elites,  the globalists,  La Raza,  Wall Street are powerful money lobbies, but it is we the people who have the votes.  If we are too lazy and uninformed to use our power, our children's future will continue to be sold out to the highest bidders.


TELL CONGRESS that their basic job is to "protect the states from invasion" as in the Constitution,  Art IV.  They are failing miserably.  Their votes on immigration bills and their voting report cards can be seen on  Thank the "As" and remind the "Fs" that citizens come before foreigners.           (Senator Dianne Feinstein D testified in 1995 that California was "an immigration disaster."  Yet her current votes have earned her an "F" report card.)

Dear Representative (or Senator):        (  The following topics can be alternated on various days:    )                                                                                                              

 1.     Mandatory E-Verify,  supported by almost 3/4 of the voters,  must be made into law.  Penalties must be stiff and enforced.  
End "chain migration" -of mostly third world relatives - 70% of legal immigration  - and end the Diversity Visa Lottery.
 3.    No more "birt
hright babies" - a magnet for rich and poor foreigners.  All advanced nations have canceled, except Canada, and U.S. should also.
 4.    No more job-stealing H-1B and H-2B workers.  Many H-lBs in Silicon Valley are from India and China shutting out our American workers.  This is wrong.

5.    Amnesties have been magnets of illegal immigrants for years.  Don't even think about another one.

Phone 202 224 3121 and ask for the office you want. ----  or -----will provide your Representative's or Senators' e-mails as well as their mailing  addresses.  When they are their many vacations, contact their home offices.  

JUNIOR CITIZENS, 10 years and up, can be a STAR PART OF SAVING OUR NATION.  Their letters about saving their future strongly impress many politicians.  Citizen oversight and direction of their representatives is essential.  Don't let them ignore us or they will hand over our future to the highest bidder.

THANK THE PRESIDENT FOR PUTTING AMERICANS FIRST.  ASK HIM to end the H-1Bs and all the work visas because they take American Jobs,  lower wages, and flood the country with increased population in our housing, schools, roads.  Please end the magnet of birthright citizenship of 300,000 babies yearly who, when adults, will sponsor the illegal parents.  AND INSTALL THE BIOMETRIC ENTRY-EXIT SYSTEM to end the 40% of illegals who overstay their visas.

       MR. PRESIDENT,  YOU ARE SLOW AT PROTECTING OUR BORDERS FROM INVASION.  PLEASE ACT NOW.  They should claim asylum at the first country the enter  - which is Mexico.  Stop letting Mexico usher them through.   TAX ILLEGALS' REMITTANCES TO MEXICO.

Phone 1-202-456-1414   1-202-456-1111                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

                      "Treat the earth well. We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."  Native American Proverb