47% of Americans feel like strangers in our own land  

                     FAMILIES MUST SAVE OUR OWN FUTURE                                      

Ancient Egypt, the first nation, declined slowly as elites joined with foreigners for financial gain.  The people were taken over by immigrants and became like foreigners in their own land.  Ancient Greece fell to disunity between Athens and Sparta.  Rome's downfall was due to foreign invasion and a weak people who did not honor the strong culture and ideals of their ancestors.


IS IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE TOO MANY PEOPLE?  Of course.  Too much of anything is a catastrophe.  Like rain or food, good things can easily turn to floods or fat!  The Earth's population is projected to go from 7.5 BILLION NOW TO 11 BILLION BY 2100,  most growth in Africa and India.  How many of the 100s of millions who want to come here should we take in?  As Bernie Sanders has noted,  we have to work with others  "to address the problems of international poverty, but you don't do that by making people in this country even poorer."

The United States was 150 million in 1950 and is projected to be 400 million in 2050.  Americans have flat growth for quality of life. We add an immigrant every 34 seconds.  Most growth is due to immigrants and their offspring who are now 1/4 of our population.  Hispanics were half of the 2.3 million growth in 2017 and Asians 1/4.  "It is the right and responsibility of a democratic society to manage immigration so that it serves the national interest," stated the Commission on Immigration Reform under President Clinton in 1995.  The nation belongs to we, the people,  who must protect it before we lose it.

GREEN OR GROWTH?  YOU CAN'T HAVE BOTH  "...human population growth is a major contributor to global warming," states the Scientific American.  Well, duh.  Third world immigrants increase their carbon emissions per capita from 1.1 - Hondurans to 16.5 - Americans.  Thus, they are erasing our conservation efforts.  No solution is as cost-free and popular as reducing immigration-fueled growth.  Do the Greeners care enough about their cause to give up open borders and population growth or do they just want to control?

IS IT IN "the national interest" TO HAVE FAILING SCHOOLS?    Only  about  1/3 of 4th graders are proficient in reading!  The future success of our children and of our democratic republic depends on good education.  As K-12 schooling costs about $100,000 per student,  schools are burdened with millions of poor, non-English speaking students.  California K-12 has gone from best in 1970 to near-worst - with 54% "Hispanic" students.  Is this fair?  What effect will the families flooding in at the border have on education?  Other nations are improving as we fall behind.  AND have you noticed how increasingly hard it is to get into our colleges?

ENVIRONMENT?  The Earth Day Founder said it's phony to say, "I'm for the environment but not for limiting immigration."   Global Footprint Network claims the U.S can sustain only 150 million people (not 330 as now).  Should we be a relief valve for high-growth nations or an example of population stabilization?  Let's act on our moral duty to preserve our earthly home.

IMPORTING POVERTY COSTS $400 BILLION A YEAR!   Half of immigrant families are on some kind of welfare.   The U.S. is sinking toward Third World status claims the the UNICEF report, "Child Well-Being in Rich Countries" where we rank 26 out of 29 developed countries.  Importing the world's poverty is stealing from our citizen taxpayers and our own poor.   America must take better care of our own.

REPARATIONS ARE AGAIN IN THE NEWS.  HOW ABOUT REPARATIONS FOR TAXPAYERS?   Blacks and whites were 97.5% of our population in 1950 when most roads, schools, colleges in use today had been built by and belonged to the taxpayers.  Because our government has allowed in tens of millions illegal and legal immigrants against our wishes,  population has more than doubled.  Roads are jammed (time wasted in traffic costs about $87 billion yearly and growing).  Schools failing.  California "non-Hispanic" whites,  who built U. of C.,  were 16% of acceptances to U. of C. Fall 2017 surpassed by "Hispanics",  Asians, and out-of-state!  With 83% of all people living in cities and urban areas and each newcomer grabbing his pro rata share of scarce resources,  young people and families are being forced out by poor schools, costly housing, high taxes.  Visitation to national parks grew by 50 million from 2012 to 2017...

            P.S. altho NationSavers has been around for years with occasional updates,  "Reduce immigration for a sustainable future" in The Atlantic magazine for April backs up and expands on almost all of our issues here.  David From writes, population will exceed 400 million by 2050 ... Nobody is planning for such population growth (schools, hospitals traffic).  Nobody is thinking very hard about the environmental consequences. (American..17 tons carbon dioxide each year, quadruple Mexican, 45 times Bangladeshi). Fortune Mag reports that U.S. population growth (mandated by congressional immigration policy) is likely to present huge water challenges for the next generation.  PLS READ THESE.

                                                                                                         WHAT DO WE THE PEOPLE WANT?

75% of voters are more likely to support candidates who said, "We have a moral duty to create an immigration system that protects the lives and jobs or our citizens."  Harvard-Harris March, 2019.  Other polls are more specific.  We want lower legal immigration,  less "chain migration" and an end to "diversity visas".   Large majorities in Europe also want fewer or no immigrants and feel "immigration is changing my country in ways I don't like."   Let's work to take back our nations from the globalists and big corporations.

WHAT IS A NATION?  Nation is from the Latin "natio" meaning birth.  It is a large group of people sharing a history,  traditions and often a language.  Many of us feel like strangers because there are too many immigrants who want to keep their own cultures, languages, and often their failed socialist governments while enjoying the fruits of our successful Western European cultures.  "Multicultural nation" is an oxymoron. Let's agree with Mexican law which bars foreigners who upset "the equilibrium of the national demographics."   ONE NATION, INDIVISIBLE!

                                                                                                     HOW OUR GOVERNMENT HAS FAILED US  

Before any other duties, the government must protect our sovereignty.  The Constitution,  Article IV,  Section 4 "...shall protect (every state) from invasion."  Protect our schools, our resources, our culture and our rule of law.  This is one of the few duties mentioned.  Nothing about health care or food stamps.  PRESIDENTS AND CONGRESSES have failed miserably.  Our government is lobbied by big businesses, the National Chamber of Commerce, and Wall Street to keep cheap labor flowing into the nation.  Most of the media are part of the elites plugging the economy.  NEWS FLASH!  Our country is not just an economy.  We are a nation of families.  FAMILIES COME FIRST.

         THE LEGISLATIVE BRANCH,  CONGRESS,  HAS BEEN REALLY BAD LAWS    1) THE IMMIGRATION ACT OF 1965 was passed with the assurance it would not increase the number or change the ethnic makeup of Americans.   During the years of our rising middle class, 1925-1965, we averaged 178,000 immigrants yearly.  Now over a million immigrants yearly come mostly from underprivileged countries in Asia and South America.  Seventy (70%) percent of legal immigration has been put into the hands of the newest immigrant-citizens who bring in mostly poor, third world relatives through CHAIN MIGRATION.  Let's end this bad law that brings radical changes against the will of the people.                          2)THE IMMIGRATION ACT OF 1990    H-1B WORK VISAS give America's best jobs to foreigners, mainly from India, so big business and high tech get cheap labor.  Only 29% of Silicon Valley tech workers are American citizens.  Some losers:  older American workers and 4 million college graduates each June.   H-2B VISAS steal jobs from Hispanics, blacks, our young.  Tell Congress to end all imported labor.  American jobs to Americans just as Cesar Chavez forcefully halted wage-lowering illegals at the border.  DIVERSITY VISAS,  50,000 yearly,  go by lottery to self-nominating foreigners from countries like Egypt, Iran, and Liberia who will start chain migration when they become citizens.  Luck-of-the-draw of our precious citizenship -  some possible terrorists.  Nice going, Congress.  END THESE GIVEAWAY LAWS AND PUT AMERICANS FIRST.

THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH, THE PRESIDENTS, HAS FAILED TO ENFORCE THE LAWS      They have failed to keep our country from invasion at the borders.   Congress mandates a visa entry-exit system to track the 40% of illegals who overstay their visas,  but one has yet to be built. 

                                                                                   WE NEED A PEOPLE'S LOBBY - FAMILIES - TO SAVE OUR NATION    

This is not a political issue, but a moral one, about the kind of nation we leave to posterity.  It is our right and responsibility to demand that our elected government act in support of American families.  A quick DAILY contact let's them know we are watching them and demand action.  The choice is a nation for our children or a 3rd world country full of bickering tribes.  Our children should not pay a price for greed and corruption in other nations...  and those others shalt not covet their neighbor's goods by illegal entry. 

JUNIOR CITIZENS, 10 years old and up, can be a STAR PART OF SAVING OUR NATION.  Letters from young people about their future strongly impress many politicians.  Letters come back in response.  Junior citizens are training for a life of responsible care for their country. 

          SOME SUGGESTED MESSAGES FOR CONGRESS PEOPLE,  THE LAW MAKERS:     The number of contacts is what counts so keep it brief and polite.        

  •  End CHAIN MIGRATION of third world relatives which is 70% of legal immigration.   The President supports the end of chain migration. 
  •  End the 50,000 DIVERSITY LOTTERY.    The President supports the end of the diversity lottery.
  •  End H-1B, H-2B and all work visas which take American jobs, lower wages,  and flood the country with foreign workers.                            
  • The best way to lower illegal immigration is to mandate E-Verify with stiff penalties for hiring illegal aliens.                                                 
  • Your first loyalty should be to America's families..not to an economy run by and for big businesses and their lobbies.                                      
  •  I have looked up your immigration voting report card on www.numbersUSA.com.  (Thanks to As.  Boos to Fs.)
  •  End "catch and release" which is a magnet for illegal aliens - one million expected at southern border in 2019!!
  • Some of our calls should demand the population stabilization for the health of nation which is long overdue.


  • We support you for building the wall,  but 40% of illegal aliens are visa overstays.     Please re-install the biometric entry-exit system.        
  • Please end the magnet of birthright citizenship of 300,000 babies yearly who,  when adults,  will sponsor their illegal parents.  
  • And NO MORE AMNESTIES to encourage more illegals.                                                             
  • The majority of Americans want much less legal immigration.  Our schools, housing, and highways are forcing young people out.        
  • Thank you for putting Americans first when both parties are getting monies from corporate/globalist interests who favor open borders to flood our nation with illegal immigrants to drive down wages and reduce employment opportunities for Americans.
  • He must stay keep his promises to reduce immigration.  Tell him population stabilization - not an immigration increase.

                                                                                     CONTACTS ARE EASY.  ONE A DAY TO SAVE OUR HERITAGE.          

                                                                CONGRESS    1-202-224-3121   Ask for the office you want.  Leave your brief message.                                        

                                                                      PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP   1-202-456-1414          whitehouse.gov/contact

                                                    usa.gov  Click on "Contact elected Officials"            Don't know who your Rep is? Enter your zip code at   house.gov     

STRONG SUPPORT FOR YOU:   www.numbersUSA.com is a great provider of info, of free letters to send to Congress, and of the voting Report Cards for each Senator and Congressman.    California for Population Stabilization is a decades-long crusader.     Americans for Legal Immigration are on the job and need support - alipac.us                                                     



                                                                        A STATE IS A SAD THING TO SURRENDER      ADIOS, CALIFORNIA !                                                                                                                                                California is "an immigration disaster" were California Senator Dianne Feinstein's words to the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1995 as she begged for more money and troops on the border.   She later told the Los Angeles Times that growth was the state's biggest problem.  Today, her Voting Report Card on www.numbersusa.com is "F"!!!

"A GENERATION PLANS AN EXODUS FROM CALIFORNIA" - Orange County Register 9-8-18 cites high housing costs, taxes, poor schools.    The American Dream of children doing better than their parents is being wiped out by immigration numbers. Water is non-renewable resource and is in short supply.  The Democrats make CA a sanctuary state, inviting endless immigrant population growth.  Californians are made to cut back for endless invasions of foreigners.               Farmers have long demanded "cheap" Mexican labor who live in near-slave conditions.  No wonder Farm Labor organizer Cesar Chavez sent his workers to the border to keep out illegals!  Consider that labor costs are so small part of produce that a decent wage would raise prices little,  but K-12 cost of educating each farm child is over $100,000.  K-12 schools have gone from best in U.S. in 1970 to near-worst and are now 54% "Hispanic"/Mexican.