WHO ARE NATION SAVERS?  Fair-minded, common sense Americans of all races/ethnicities who act against the endless growth promoted by elites:  

TENS OF MILLIONS of us who have missed out on jobs because of illegals, millions of new legals, or Asian H-1Bs (Silli-con Valley only 27% native-born).         TENS OF MILLIONS of us jammed into cities with 83% of the population and crowded out of roads,  housing,  health care - our resources.                                     TENS OF MILLIONS of parents whose children are stuck in K-12 schools where only 37% of 12 graders are reading-proficient and 1/4 of students are from immigrant families with 100+ languages.  Cost of K-12 per child is over $130,000.  Young people with the basics are doomed to poverty.                                     TENS OF MILLIONS who care about the environment and believe people increase CO2.   Adding a new immigrant every 33 seconds and turning 3rd world people into 1st world consumers with 3,000,000 more vehicles yearly magnifies national pollution immensely.  GREEN OR GROWTH?  CAN'T HAVE BOTH.                    TENS OF MILLIONS of millennials who are shut out of good jobs and who find homes unaffordable for the average American in 70% of the country - leaving them unable to start a decent life, to marry and have children.  Their American dream - to do better than their parents - is a joke.                                                FORTY MILLION AMERICANS LIVING IN POVERTY AND THE EVER-GROWING HOMELESS.  Sympathy and support is owed to them - not to foreigners.

ENDLESS GROWTH      150 million in 1950 - more than double to 330 million in 2020 - projected to a million more, 438 million in 2050. 

 NO WONDER 47% OF US FEEL LIKE STRANGERS IN OUR OWN LAND.  Americans have a stable birthrate for quality of life.  We deserve a stable population.  ImmiPEOPLE are responsible for almost all growth.  43 million immigrants (mostly third world) and their offspring are now 28% of our 330 million population.  An immigrant every 33 seconds!  (Census)             70% OF VOTERS are more likely to support a presidential candidate who stands for "strengthening our border to reduce illegal immigration" including 63% of Blacks,  61% of Hispanics and 69% of swing voters.   Latest Harvard/Harris Poll.   

WORLD POPULATION FROM 7.5 BILLION NOW TO 11 BILLION BY 2100    With no controls, immigration to U.S. would end only when we are as overpopulated and third-world as other countries.  Growth is mainly in Africa (7 children per woman in Niger) and Asia.   Should we be a relief valve for these places or should we fight to maintain our standards of a stable population,  quality of life,  and environmental protection?   We owe it to our children - of all ethnic groups!

DEMOCRATS TOLD THE TRUTH ABOUT IMMIGRATION IN THE 1990s:   SENATOR HARRY REID,  Democratic Leader in 1993,  introduced the IMMIGRATION STABILIZATION ACT to revoke Birthright Citizenship and reduce legal immigration to 300,000 yearly.  "Our borders have overflowed with illegal immigrants, placing tremendous burdens on ... schools and social programs... getting welfare,  food stamps,  medical care"  Let's reintroduce it.   CESAR CHAVEZ brutally fought off illegals who lowered farm wages. SEN. DIANNE FEINSTEIN testified before the Senate Judiciary Com. in 1995 that California was "an immigration disaster" and wanted more border defense.  (She was opposed by La Raza)  And told the L.A.Times that growth was our biggest problem.   LATE REP. BARBARA JORDAN,  D. TEXAS, recommended an end to chain migration,  the diversity lottery,  unskilled labor.  As Chair of the U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform,  1995, endorsed by Pres. Clinton,  she said, "IT IS THE RIGHT AND RESPONSIBILITY of a democratic society to manage immigration in the NATIONAL INTEREST."   WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT AND THE RESPONSIBILITY!!!

WE ARE NOT JUST AN ECONOMY!!  IMMIGRATION SHOULD SERVE THE NATIONAL INTEREST,  the quality of life of the American people. Congress' first duty is to protect the sovereignty and borders of our nation.  It fails miserably.  Today Republican Congressmen paid by business lobbies wanting cheap labor and Democrat Congressmen wanting more socialist voters promote endless 3rd world immigration, legal and illegal.  The socialists, large corporations and multinationals, National Chamber of Commerce,  and ethnic groups are powerful lobbies trashing our children's future.  GLOBALISTS are the opponents of NATIONS.  Our nation is lost unless the people speak up daily to reclaim it.

                     WE THE PEOPLE IMMIGRATION LAW OF 2020:  1.   IT'S A DISGRACE THAT CONGRESS  HAS NOT MADE E-VERIFY MANDATORY.   3/4 of voters support this end to the magnet for foreign invaders,  including for visa overstays who are 40% of illegals.  Some illegals will return home.  Our salaries will improve.  And businesses that hire legally will no longer fail because of cheaters.    Passed in 1996,  E-Verify electronically can easily confirm eligibility for legal employment.  Are our electeds in Congress acting to benefit us, their constituents, or will they continue to support illegal workers and dishonest business?              2.    END 1965 IMMIGRATION LAW and the chain migration which puts 70% of legal immigrants into the hands of immigrants-turned-newest-citizens as they bring in endless chains of relatives, mostly from the third world.  It passed against the wishes of the American people, but promoted by SEN. TED KENNEDY whose guarantee that America "would not be flooded with a million immigrants annually" and "the ethnic mix will not be upset" proved shockingly false.           3.     END 1990 IMMIGRATION LAW  introduced by SEN. TED KENNEDY which created the Diversity Visa Lottery that yearly brings in 50,000 luck-of-the-draw applicants from such nations as Egypt, Nepal, and Iran.  The law also created H-1B cheap labor,  100,000 year,  mostly Indian.  Silicon Valley tech is only 27% American,  making it tough for our own graduates.   End H-2B and all imported workers and their families competing with older and younger Americans.   (  Note:  LATE SENATOR TED KENNEDY THROUGH IMMIGRATION ACTS OF 1965 AND 1990 IS STILL RUNNING U. S. IMMIGRATION !!  )   4 NO MORE AMNESTIES which encourage illegal immigration.  Americans who break laws don't get amnesties.   5. END CATCH AND RELEASE which is causing the border invasions when those released into our country seldom show for asylum hearings.                                                 

CONGRESS:  202 224 3121   Ask for the office of your Representative and then your (2) Senators.  Keep phoning a brief message as above because it is the number of contacts that is important.  house.gov or senate.gov will help find their names.  Messages can be left on their web sites.  In August,  their home offices and their Town Halls are great places to get our message across.   LETTERS make an big impression and can be short.  Letters to the Editors are wonderful.  Children are citizens and letters from them asking politicians to save their schools,  the environment,  their future should bring an interesting letter in return.  

CHECK YOUR CONGRESSIONAL VOTING REPORT CARDS ON www.NumbersUSA.com  Did they vote for us or have they been bought off by cheap labor and globalists?  47% of Senators earned an F for Recent votes on such as chain migration,  diversity visas while House had 58% Fs.   Be sure to heap praise on the As and tell the F's to support American jobs and schools over foreign growth.   

                                                                               OUR GROWTH CALAMITY - almost too lateTHOU SHALT NOT STEAL TAXPAYER RESOURCES.   83% of us cram into cities and urban areas - not the open spaces.  ImmiPEOPLE bring no schools,  roads,  housing.   Highways are gridlocked.  Homes are not affordable for the average American in 70% of the country.  Water shortages loom.  40 million live in poverty.  Homelessness and drugs are a deepening crisis.   Yes, we have a right and a duty to halt the immigration which is stealing from the middle classes and our millennials.   SYMPATHY AND SUPPORT ARE OWED TO OUR OWN.

CLIMATE CHANGE?   People increase CO2.  Adding a new pair of feet every 33 seconds overwhelms our individual attempts at a small footprint.  And turning 3rd world people into high U.S. consumers magnifies the problem immensely.    3,000,000 VEHICLES are added yearly to the 275,000,000 in 2017.   The Earth Day Founder noted ... it's phony to say 'I'm for the ENVIRONMENT, but not for limiting immigration.'   Imagine 2050 with 90 MILLION MORE VEHICLES than today and 100 MILLION MORE PEOPLE!    Common sense says,    GREEN OR GROWTH, YOU CAN'T HAVE BOTH.

EDUCATION - ONLY 37% OF 12TH GRADERS ARE PROFICIENT IN READING.  Young people without the basics are doomed to poverty.  Our education rates below middle compared to other rich nations.  1/4 of students are from immigrant families with 100+ languages. (Cost is over $130,000 for a K-12 schooling.)  K-12 was 85% white in 1970: 23% white in 2018.   A World Bank study once concluded that education and the quality of the people along with the rule of law - not natural resources - are what make nations successful.   OUR CHILDREN ARE PAYING A BIG PRICE FOR ELITES' CHEAP LABOR.

GOVERNMENT EXTORTION:  Taxpayers are forced to give $300 Billion yearly to the half of immigrant families on welfare.   "Our government has been bought and paid for by a bunch of billionaires and giant corporations...."   per Senator Elizabeth Warren 1/1/19.    BUT OUR UNITED VOICES CAN WIN!                                                                                                                                                                                                     

REMIND PRESIDENT TRUMP HOW HE WON ELECTION ...  please put promises into action:          NO TO ANCHOR BABIES - some 300,000 year get citizenship,  a magnet for rich and poor foreigners.  BIOMETRIC ENTRY/EXIT SYSTEM IS A BASIC NECESSITY to end the 40% of illegals who overstay their visas.    Tell him no to 1,000,000 yearly - just enough to stabilize our numbers.                                                                                                                                         

                  Phone the President at 1 202 456 1414, ask for the Comment Line, and give the Volunteer your message.  Also,   whitehouse.gov/contact

                                                                 AMERICANS WANT STABLE POPULATION IN 'THE NATIONAL INTEREST'Immigration (1.2 million legal and more than a million illegal this year) SHIFTS ABOUT $500 BILLION yearly in WAGES  from working and middle class to new immigrants and corporations and flood our stressed resources.  It's not fair or moral to leave a third world country,  full of fighting tribes, to our children.

                                                                                      MULTI-CULTURAL NATION IS AN OXYMORON - like Giant Shrimp.  A nation is a large group of people with a common history,  traditions, culture.  We are losing our nation ... built for "ourselves and our posterity".  Diversity is not our strength, as La Raza,  MALDEF,  MecHa, and Asian groups fight for "a fair share for their own" retaining their languages and cultures.  Diversity brings division and destruction.  OUR NATION AND CULTURE are being destroyed without a shot. 

The moral issue of illegal immigration spells out, "Thou shalt not steal."  Illegal aliens steal our resources.  Congress,  who gives social services and amnesties to people who flaunt our laws,  is guilty of stealing from taxpayers.  Over-immigration SHIFTS ABOUT $500 BILLION yearly in wages from working and middle class to new immigrants and corporations.  Also, accepting their poor allows other nations to avoid responsibility and reform of their corruption.We are not "a nation of immigrants."  Immigrants come into established nations.   U.S. is first choice of the 200+ million who want to leave their own nations.  MOUR NATION IS NOT JUST AN ECONOMY- as greed at the top believes.  Our nation exists for the benefit of "we, the people" and our prosperity comes first.  Our duty is to the poor and homeless that are our American brothers and sisters.  

The Declaration of Independence guarantees the "Pursuit of Happiness" which is being stolen from our young people by too much immigration. They can't afford housing, can't find good jobs, can't start families ... all so greedy Americans can get fat on cheap labor.   Also, governments derive their powers from the "Consent of the Governed" - but if 435 Representatives govern 400 million people in 2050, our voices become a whisper.  Use them now, or lose them.

"Give me your tired, your poor... "was written by Emma Lazarus of NYC who "spent her life writing about anti-Semitism and ethnic prejudice, and in the 1880s became a fierce advocate for Jewish refugees fleeing massacre in Russia.  The sonnet, called 'The New Colossus,' reflected that conviction."  (Wash. Post, 2.1.17)  Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French in 1884 to celebrate our independence - the only inscription on it is "July 4, 1776" in Latin.  Poem was affixed to the inner wall of the Statue 17 years later.

U.S military is stationed in 80 countries costing over $100 billion yearly,  but we don't protect our own borders.  We are invaded and conquered without a shot.   

AMNESTIES - Since the 1986 amnesty which was to end illegal immigration, there have been 7 amnesties. Today there are 22+ million illegal aliens.  NO TO THE DACA AMNESTY WHICH REWARDS AND ENCOURAGES ILLEGAL ALIENS.   Our sympathies should go to those who must compete for college and jobs with illegals. 

 Tell Congress our nation is not theirs to give away.  Our continued oversight of our representatives is essential.  Don't let them ignore us or they will hand your welfare and our future over to the highest bidder.                               

                    P.S.  H-1Bs from the Immigration Act of 1990 brings in 65,000 (often over 100,000) foreign workers yearly for 3 to 6 years,  families included.    Critics say H-1Bs - mostly Asians - are wage-lowering subsidy to businesses.   About 3/4 of Silicon Valley tech workers are foreign-born!!!                              HOUSE OF REPREHENSIBLES,  July 2019,  passed H.R. 1044 "Fairness for High-Skilled Immigration Act" by 365-65 to flood our labor market with lower-skilled and low waged mostly Indian and Chinese workers.   Will the Senate and President pass this bill putting hordes of foreign workers over our own?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


                       EXTRA CREDIT - research The North American Union,  Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission,  globalists.  See how many of our "leaders" are undermining our nation.  Even past presidents betrayed us.


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